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If you are planning to buy hosting packages $ 12 / year of godaddy then read this article to decide whether to buy $ 12 / year hosting package of Godaddy offline.

For only 1USD / month, equivalent to about 23 thousand you own a website with 1 domain + hosting. Too attractive for $ 1 per month right? With this hosting package you have:

1 hosting
1 domain name
100 free emails
Total cost: $ 12 (1 year)
Free Domain when buy Hosting Godaddy

I will review HOSTING PACKS $ 12 Godaddy


If you plan to do web wordpress (because this hosting package is optimized for wordpress)

If you first do wordpress web, not yet proficient with wordpress

If you want a fast wordpress wedsite

If you plan to try a website, there is no long-term orientation (?).

Read more:


If you want a more stable, quality hosting

If you want a more customized website management

If you want to develop a long term, quality website.

If you are serious and want to develop long term, you do not because attractive promotions but choose the hosting package does not like. Instead of gaining a little bit at the beginning (not worth the cost), you should skip and invest from the beginning a hosting package that suits your long-term needs.

I recommend you choose hosting hawkhost because the price is very cheap but good quality, run multiple websites on one host, unlimited domain name, high speed, good support. View hosting hawkhost Review !

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  1. Thank for this post. This's really helpful

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  2. i agree with you. I'm using Hawkhost. I think this better than GOdaddy.

    And special, Web Hosting on Godaddy isn't cheap than other Web Hosting providers

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