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If you are planning to buy hosting packages $ 12 / year of godaddy then read this article to decide whether to buy $ 12 / year hosting package of Godaddy offline.

For only 1USD / month, equivalent to about 23 thousand you own a website with 1 domain + hosting. Too attractive for $ 1 per month right? With this hosting package you have:

1 hosting
1 domain name
100 free emails
Total cost: $ 12 (1 year)
Free Domain when buy Hosting Godaddy

I will review HOSTING PACKS $ 12 Godaddy


If you plan to do web wordpress (because this hosting package is optimized for wordpress)

If you first do wordpress web, not yet proficient with wordpress

If you want a fast wordpress wedsite

If you plan to try a website, there is no long-term orientation (?).

Read more:


If you want a more stable, quality hosting

If you want a more customized website management

If you want to develop a long term, quality website.

If you are serious and want to develop long term, you do not because attractive promotions but choose the hosting package does not like. Instead of gaining a little bit at the beginning (not worth the cost), you should skip and invest from the beginning a hosting package that suits your long-term needs.

I recommend you choose hosting hawkhost because the price is very cheap but good quality, run multiple websites on one host, unlimited domain name, high speed, good support. View hosting hawkhost Review !

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GoDaddy Promotional WordPress Hosting $12/year + Free Domain

Buy Godaddy Wordpress Hosting $12/yr

GODaddy is reducing the price of Managed WordPress Hosting package to just $ 12 / year, especially you get a free .COM / .CO /. NET / .ORG / .XYZ or .CLUB domain.

WordPress Hosting is a specially optimized hosting package for WordPress, from server configuration, file / folder permissions, firewalls, anti-DDoS ... to keep your website running at its best. In particular, GoDaddy uses Varnish Cache technology to speed up the loading website a lot.

Because of the simple installation, just a few clicks to have a website sales / product introduction or professional blog with their own domain name should package WordPress Managed Hosting is especially suitable for those you do not have many. Technical knowledge, new learn using WordPress.

In addition, each package will have a good IP for SEO so it is very suitable for you to deploy satellite site system, making MMO fast. When you wanna renewal hosting, use Godaddy renewal Coupons to renewal hosing.

The total amount you have to pay is $ 12, which will get:

1 year using BASIC WordPress Hosting package
1 domain .COM / .CO /. NET / .ORG / .XYZ or .CLUB free of charge.

Payment is by PayPal or Visa / Master card. See more instructions here.

Remember to choose the Basic hosting package as if it's wrong to mess with another package:


  • The program does not limit the number of registrations. All new old accounts are all registered.
  • The promised WordPress hosting package is a BASIC package for a website, 10 GB SSD, Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • You have to buy 1 year or more to get Free Domain.
  • You must add domain at checkout to get Free.
  • After buying the hosting is done to install the main domain. The primary domain can be changed at any time.
  • The price of next year hosting is $ 7.99 per month. Domain names are more than $ 10 / year.
  • You can reset WordPress at any time, after the IP reset will be changed.
  • If you have trouble transferring data, please contact, I will support Free!
  • You Godaddy renewal Coupon to save more money.
  • Refer to the GoDaddy User Guide series for WordPress Hosting.
  • With Economy Hosting, you need to use the coupon in this article to make payment.

Guide How to Setup Godaddy Hosting

In case you're new to facilitating, this article will help you begin. 

1. Set up Your Hosting Account Godaddy:

Without setting up your facilitating account, you can't do anything with it. In this way, look at Set up your record.

2. Transfer Your Website on Godaddy:

In the wake of setting up your facilitating account, you have to get your site's records on it. There are various approaches to do this, including utilizing the application you used to fabricate your site and utilizing a FTP customer.

You most likely just need to utilize one of these articles.

FTP: How to transfer records

Dreamweaver CS6: Publish your site

iWeb: Publish your site

3. Review Your Site 

When you have your site transferred, look at it utilizing Preview DNS. For more data, see Preview your site.

On the off chance that you don't see your site (goodness!), ensure you have a "file document." For more data, see What record shows when somebody peruses to my space name?

To check whether you have a default document, open up your FTP customer/site application and ensure you have one of the records recorded in the top level of your facilitating account, otherwise called "the root."

4. Make Your Site Live 

Contingent upon how you arranged your facilitating account, your site may as of now be live. Look at it by setting off to your area name.

In the event that it's not live, you likely need to refresh your DNS. For more data, see Change nameservers for my spaces.

To discover item data, please observe our web facilitating page.

You can read more Godaddy renewal Coupon in here.

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Get $1.49 .COM domain registration or transfer for the first year. Godaddy Coupon code 2015

$2.95 .COM domain registration or transfer. Limit 1 per account. Additional domains for $9.99 each.

Get $2.95 .COM domain registration or transfer. Limit 1 per account. Additional domains for $9.99 each. Godady Coupons

Godady .COM Domains For $0.99

Get Godady .COM Domains For $0.99 Godaddy Coupon Codes

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