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Guide How to Setup Godaddy Hosting

In case you're new to facilitating, this article will help you begin. 

1. Set up Your Hosting Account Godaddy:

Without setting up your facilitating account, you can't do anything with it. In this way, look at Set up your record.

2. Transfer Your Website on Godaddy:

In the wake of setting up your facilitating account, you have to get your site's records on it. There are various approaches to do this, including utilizing the application you used to fabricate your site and utilizing a FTP customer.

You most likely just need to utilize one of these articles.

FTP: How to transfer records

Dreamweaver CS6: Publish your site

iWeb: Publish your site

3. Review Your Site 

When you have your site transferred, look at it utilizing Preview DNS. For more data, see Preview your site.

On the off chance that you don't see your site (goodness!), ensure you have a "file document." For more data, see What record shows when somebody peruses to my space name?

To check whether you have a default document, open up your FTP customer/site application and ensure you have one of the records recorded in the top level of your facilitating account, otherwise called "the root."

4. Make Your Site Live 

Contingent upon how you arranged your facilitating account, your site may as of now be live. Look at it by setting off to your area name.

In the event that it's not live, you likely need to refresh your DNS. For more data, see Change nameservers for my spaces.

To discover item data, please observe our web facilitating page.

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